Understanding my design process and research

Most managers believe creatives to be some sort of free mysterious creatures. You throw them in some rooms with whiteboards and weird furniture that they can rearrange and they will do their thing. There is a general misconception that constraints will inhibit their creativity. While this might be true in some settings like working while […]

Thoughts and Inspiration station #2

Daniel Josefsohn was a Punk in the realest sense. I watched an outstanding Arte documentary about him yesterday that can be found here. The way he was questioning the system and with how much humour he was addressing life was inspiring. After suffering from a stroke with 51 and being a Jewish artist in Germany […]

The benefits of going out of your comfort zone: Agile PM, Research and tackling a D&AD Brief

For the Module of Experiencing the creative economy, we are gaining real-life experience by participating in the D&AD New Blood Design Award. This prestigious award hands out several briefs from different companies eg. Microsoft, Adidas or Adobe x LadBible stating a real-life problem/opportunity that has to be solved. These briefs show what companies are thinking […]